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Coming 2.1 | The New, Exclusive CiRCE Papers

Are you signed up for the CiRCE Papers, our free, twice-a-month e-newsletter? If so, you are familiar with the articles, reviews, and news we publish each week.

For a few years now, the CiRCE Papers have enabled us to bring Christian, classical education to your inbox.

Now, we’re offering even more content and from now on it’s going to be exclusive. In other words, the new CiRCE Papers will offer content you can find nowhere else, not even here on our website.

Starting February 1st, your inbox will receive (if you’re signed up to do so!) an e-newsletter stuffed with exclusive book reviews, coupons, commentary on classical education, and much more. You’ll find exclusive reviews of books brought to you by organizations like the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and Eighth Day Books. You’ll find coupons for events like our annual conference and Lost Tools of Writing workshops, and you’ll find commentary you won’t read anywhere else.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the CiRCE Papers will be ignoring the content we publish on this website or the news and notes that so many of you find valuable. In fact, each edition of the new CiRCE Papers will include a “from the website” section that provides links pointing towards the great blog posts and articles that were published on the site throughout the previous few weeks. And news about workshops, sales, and the like will still be available.

We’re not reinventing the CiRCE Papers, we’re just adding on.

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