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EdNews this week

Going SAT-Free: Newsweek

Reporting on the increasing irrelevance of the SAT to college admissions.

Arizona Civil Rights Initiative Passes; NAS Hails Victory

Some progress against racism in higher education.

Federal Board Sets Priorities for Education Research

These people have power. Keep an eye on how they’re going to spend your $660 million.

NEA Reacts to GOP, Tea Party Congressional Victories

Did you know the (mammoth, ultra-liberal) teacher’s union supported the Democrats? They’re taking this one philosophically (now if only they would apply some sound philosophy to education).

Study Challenges ‘Idiosyncratic’ High School Reading Selections

I’m for the good old books. Emphasis on good. And old. And books.

Benefits Seen for Students Teaching Virtual Pupils

This would be fun to debate. And it opens with this amazing insight: “Educators have long held that peer tutoring can help students learn.” Good thing we got those educators to figure this out for us.

District, Union Leaders to Redesign Minneapolis Teacher Evaluations

One of the most crucial tasks in education. Perhaps they’ll receive some advice from people outside the union. If you have any, please let them know. More importantly, see if your teacher evaluation is sound.

The Misrepresentation of Science

Is there a scientific method?

The 100-Year Homework War

This is getting old. What does that mean?

LTW Workshops – 12/4 – TX, CA, NC

Hey look! That’s us. Be there!

Beating the Odds in Urban Schools

Maybe the issue of the century. God bless Marva Collins, Marty McCarthy and those fighting for urban education.

High-Profile Charter School Will Give Preference to ELLs

What leapt out to me was how the arguments against are the kind that would shut down every good school on earth.

Three Cheers for Half a Book!: A “progressive” author writes on the looming transformation of higher education.

I hope you are aware that the way things are ain’t the way things will be – and soon.

Changes in common curriculum pending

Apparently at Loyola they want science students who can think. Promising thoughts.

Lady Gaga 101 is really a college course

Look, there are no advantages to ignorance.

Free school founder Toby Young sets out vision to transform education

Hope springs eternal.

Wired Names the Neoliberal Arts—And They Look a Lot
Like AAC&U’s Essential Learning Outcomes

Ah, yes, those eternal liberal arts thingies. They come out with a new set every few years, so we’d better keep up.

Together we can stop bullying

Yeah, we can shame and demoralize the bullies. Look, personal problems don’t have sociological solutions.

Classical Ideas of Truth, Goodness and Beauty in a Charlotte Mason Curriculum

This week’s best good news!

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