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12/4 Workshop Program

The following is the scheduled program for the upcoming “Wisdom Through Writing” workshop that will be taking place on December 4th in Charlotte, NC and Santa Cruz, CA.

For more information click here. You can register to attend the workshop here.

Wisdom Through Writing: Event Program
9 am – 3 pm local time

Session 1: Truth or Checklist
Logos of session 1: The pursuit of wisdom is the purpose of education (and therefore writing)

I.The Abolition of Truth and the Triumph of the Checklist (the failures of conventional schooling)
II.The Triumph of the Truth and the Growth of Freedom (the successes of Christian classical education)
III.The Purpose of Christian Education
IV.Application: Getting to First First

Session 2: The Glory of Language or Why We Teach This Stuff
Logos of session 2: Language is the carrier of the virtue of wisdom

I.The trunk of the tree of wisdom
II.The embodiment of our moral duties
III.A Divine faculty perfected in wisdom

Session 3: What do I do on Monday?
Logos of session 3: You teach truth by incarnating it.

I.A Path, Not a Magic trick (in fact, it’s five paths)
II.How to teach Truth (from idea to lesson plan)
III.The truth about writing

Session 4: Learning to Walk
Logos of session 4: You apply the three canons to all writing

1.The three solutions
a.Invention: definition
b.Arrangement: basic
c.Elocution: basic editing (prepare to be overwhelmed)
2.Applied to the persuasive essay
3.For fun: applied to a narrative

Session 5: Learning to Run
Logos of session 5: By expanding each of the canons, one ingredient at a time, you learn how to write and think better, while developing disciplines of sound thought

1.Invention: the last four topics
2.Arrangement: the elements of the complete persuasive
3.Elocution: schemes and tropes

Session 6: Questions and Answers

Available resources
Audience questions

Concluding Remarks

Register for the workshop here.

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