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Velvet Gloves and Iron Fists

“Hello, I need to speak with Mrs. X to discuss her lab results with her.”

“I’m her husband. I can take the message?”

“No, I can’t do that without it being listed on her charts.”

This was an actual exchange between a woman’s lab and the that woman’s husband. If you think it is justifiable or even civilized, then you will love the world the massive irresponsible insurance companies joined with the unlimited and irresponsible powers of our federal bureaucracy (it would be perverse to call it a government as governing is too low a priority for it) are bringing us.

If you can defend this conversation without realizing that your defense is only one step closer to the source of this folly, then you should renounce any claims you have to being part of a free and self-governing people and you should simply be thankful that the matriarchal nanny state will be there to pretend to care for you until the day you die. Which will likely come much sooner than otherwise thanks to their tender affections.

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