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Uselessness Embodied

Every now and then I get thinking political thoughts so I post on them. Do you mind? I figure it’s dangerous, because I’m not tribal in my thinking, which is to say, I base my political thinking on prudence, not party.

Here’s my latest uninteresting insight/speculation:

For a long time, many conservatives have felt they should vote Republican because if they don’t the Democrats will win and impose their morality on the whole country.

As a result, both Bushes were elected president, neither of whom had the foggiest idea what motivated a conservative soul. I wonder if either had ever read anything by Russell Kirk, for example.

Now President Obama is our president, largely because President Bush Minor was perceived to be so egregiously incompetent. I believe that President Bush Minor did more damage to our country than perhaps any president since LBJ. No perhaps about it.

Because conservatives felt they had to vote Republican, the Republicans moved left.

Then, in 2008, conservatives seem to have said, “No more.” Some did anyway.

Result, those mad folks of the tea party who are as close to conservative as any significant block of voters in America, though the new-conservatives have influenced them too much as well.

In fact, I think the Tea Party is as healthy a political moment as our country is capable of experiencing right now. They’ve demanded respect from the Republicans.

My expectations remain terribly low for the government in Washington, DC. But maybe we’ll elect a group of people so incompetent that we can run our lives unmolested by them.

Wishful thinking anyone?

The other thought was this: The right has to figure out what the role of congress should be on interstate commerce. Leaving that to the left has cost the country dearly.

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