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When Zombies Rule

A lot of people read The Daily Reckoning, and sometimes I’m one of them. The publishers seem to think in caricatures, but maybe that’s the only way to see things clearly. I don’t know what I think of the following, but it seems worth thinking about. Take a deep draught and it’s a bit unnerving.

Zombies join government because it’s a good place to work if you’re brain dead and all you can do is slouch and shuffle. The feds can earn a living without actually doing very much. Well, no one knows whether they are doing anything or not. That’s the beauty of government. It doesn’t have to turn a profit. So, there’s no pressure to show a profit or hold down salaries.

In fact, just the opposite. The people who are on the payroll are also on the voter registration lists. And they’re also the people with the time on their hands – and the self-interest – to lobby for more government spending, higher salaries, more perks for government employees, and generally less control over public spending.

When the economy is bubbly hot nobody cares anyway…everybody is getting rich; why not share the wealth with the people who patrol the streets and pick up the trash? And then, when the bubble pops and the economy goes into a slump, they have the cheek to call for even more public spending as a stimulus measure.

Zombies. Gotta luv ’em.

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