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What is Christian Classical Education?

Christian Classical Education can be reduced to a simple and mighty triumvirate:

The transforming power of Great Ideas (Truth)

  • The object of our studies is Truth

The Renewing ing power of Great Books and Works of Art (Truth Embodied)

  • The tradition we hand on is the truth embodied in masterpieces

The Reviving Power of the Great Virtues (Arts and Habits)

  • We cultivate the faculties of reason and will to wisdom and virtue by training them on the verbal and rational arts

We do not believe that knowledge is power, but that it is the apprehension of truth.

We do not believe we should be happy because Johnny is reading “something,” but that what he reads will transform him.

We do not believe that Susie has the wisdom to form her own character naturally, but that she must be mentored and nourished by a wise and loving master-teacher.

We offer, therefore, the only real hope for mankind, which has reduced schooling to the quest for power and position, is desperate to see movement, no matter where it is going, and thinks children will naturally grow into wise and loving citizens if they are raised on principles of self-indulgence.

I do not mean to be flippant in any way. Every day I read more about the souls of young people destroyed by the kind of society the post-human worldview is producing. Only a return to truth embodied by virtue can save us.

Yet these are the very things our post-human world rejects, having traded in truth for relativism and power, embodied truth for self-expression, and virtue for values.

The suffering has only just begun, and most of those who cause it have not the faintest idea that they are to blame. Please do not participate in this cultural, moral, spiritual catastrophe.

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