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Raindrops on Broccoli

brussels sprouts
Image by F. Tronchin via Flickr

It’s not exactly raindrops on roses, but it is one of my favorite things. After a long, hot, dry summer, temperatures dropped on Sunday and we’ve received innumerable raindrops. This morning when I went out to the garden the drops had coagulated, or whatever the word is, on the great big leaves of our fall cabbage crops.

But I have a question. I’ve been fighting off cabbage worms and butterflies and need advice. At first, I hoped I could save the day just by removing the the little green bugs. It has certainly helped, but about a half-dozen butterflies with white wings and little black spots on them flutter around the garden now.

Twice I have sprinkled with Ortho Bug-B-Gon because it was what we had on hand.

What else can I do? After the rain, should I resprinkle with insecticide? Do you know of any household remedies that are better for the soil?

I should add that these worms did a lot of damage while I was away. The Brussels Sprouts were down to their stems. I think they’re coming back, but I imagine they’re vulnerable.

Any advice is welcome as I am still learning how to do this gardening thing.

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