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>> “Oh glorious morning! My 9yo daughter just came to me in confusion. She was being asked to find the perimeter of a square one side of which was 34”. Rather than answer her question, I decided to use the topics of invention to help her discover the answer (they’re fresh in my mind, as I am teaching lesson 2 ‘Invention’ tomorrow).
“What is a square?” I asked her. “What are its parts?” “How is a square like a rectangle?”, “How is a square different from a rectangle?” It wasn’t long before a glorious smile spread across her face. “OOOHHHHH!” she said through her priceless grin. “I get it!” Today’s motto: “The 5 Topics….they’re not just for writing anymore!”
Thank you Andrew and Camille, & Renee, & Buck, & David & the list goes on… for putting together these powerful tools of THINKING and making them so accessible to us all!

– Cathy R.

>>”Hey, this stuff works, by the way. My kids’ writing is improving quickly. Next semester this composition class will turn into “Speech.” I am saving up some of the schemes and tropes for use therein.”
– Kevin C., California

>>”I knew I would learn about writing. I didn’t know I would learn so much about thinking, and virtue, and my heavenly Father. Thank you.”
– Diana A., Texas

>>”Lately I’ve been engaging in what I can only describe as “informal LTW seminars” with the homeschoolers at my church. The reaction is always the same. Literal tears as they are encouraged to teach from a place of peace and rest, not anxiety.”
– Angelina S., Louisiana

>>”I was an attendee at your LTW talk in Boca Raton. I reported to my husband that it was one of the top 5 seminars I have ever been to on any subject. Thank you for the experience of contemplation!
– Andrea H., Florida

>>” Here is… one great program. Check it out, then buy it, then rejoice at how great it is! I am a big fan if you can’t tell!”
– Steve E., North Carolina

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