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This Could be Something Small!

Last week, I posted a link to an article that celebrated identity politics. In this one, from the other side, the author argues that identity politics inevitably lead to fragmentation. He suggests that perhaps the terms left and right are no longer sufficient for political discussion because, for one thing, the right no longer knows what the right is.

The natural law works in our souls and through our environment to bring us back into balance, and its interesting to me that so much of what conservatism had meant since Edmund Burke has lately been adopted by the left, such as small business, small farms, etc.

Somehow the right has been identified with giant corporations and the left with giant states. Then who stands for propriety?

The long-term vision of the CiRCE Institute is to assist in some small way in the development of thousands and thousands of small entities that perform the small tasks that keep a society free and civilized. Education is at the heart of it, but can only succeed when it shrinks its ambitions and throws the ring in the fire.

Thank you for being a part of something little.

For what it’s worth, I believe that the essential difference between right and left is that the right believes in nature, natural law, and the limits imposed by reality (nature and nature’s law) while the left believes in a varying collection of ideals, all rooted in the self-contradictory notion of popular sovereignty expressed in the state.

They are compelled to believe in an activist state because what they want is not possible in a natural setting. For example, no healthy culture would ever allow easy divorce among its members.

Because we have a large state and can disburse the costs of divorce, the left imposes this moral commitment on the whole country – and children have their souls torn apart and grow up to pass their pain to the next generation. But what we know by nature is excluded from the discussion because the left doesn’t believe in nature or the law of nature.

To put it a little stereotypically and excessively, the left, believing in the impossible, makes a living by making impossible decisions and then dodging the consequences. They are required to pursue ideologies and cannot imagine somebody seeking anything else.

There is no other exercise of power than the pursuit of an ideology.

When people on the right make similar decisions, they have left the right.

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