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LTW Intro

An Introduction to The Lost Tools of Writing from CiRCE Institute on Vimeo.

Every writer must face the blank page, the vast, disheartening, empty space that comes with being at a loss for words. The empty page is a universal problem that every Pulitzer Prize winner knows as well as any high school student, it’s as frustrating to professional journalists as it is to students writing their SATs.

Even when a writer has come up with something to say, he still must organize his thoughts, and he must find the best way to present those ideas. He must learn to recognize those ideas and thoughts that are most relevant to his topic and he must identify how they relate to one another.

These are the often-crippling barriers over which every writer must hurdle.

The Lost Tools of Writing enables students and teachers to spring over these barriers by providing the tools and skills they need to overcome these challenges.

In this brief introduction, founding author, and CiRCE President, Andrew Kern presents the basics of how the program works and explains what makes it different from other composition programs.

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