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Jon Stewart, Larry Wilmore, and the Race Card

This has to be seen. It’s hilarious, but also terrible. It’s from Jon Stewart’s show and has some censored parts.…

The only way a people can be free is if the people and the rulers are under the same law. That’s what we mean by “freedom under law.”

When any identity is used to escape accountability, when a person tries to excuse his abuse of authority because he is a member of a favored or an oppressed group, the attempt must be resisted because an injustice occurs at the level of governance.

We’ve seen abuses by whites, by blacks, by gays, by atheists, by Christians, and by every other group who’s ever had the opportunity. But we only know they are abuses because there is a law, a natural law, to which everybody must submit.

If there isn’t, we can’t be free. No social contract can sustain freedom for more than a generation.

When an identity appeals for its existence to the bigotry of others or when a group abuses the appeal to X-ism, real violations of justice go unnoticed in the noise.

There are still racist acts in our country, but it’s increasingly difficult to identify them.

Thus freedom is at the stake while true racism becomes ever more difficult to punish. We’ll never stop paying for slavery.

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