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Meet the Speaker: Dr. Paula Flint

{EDITOR’S NOTE: The following post is the first in a series dedicated to introducing to the readers of Quddity the men and women who will speaking at this summer’s CiRCE Conference: A Contemplation of Liberty. Up next is Paula Flint, of The Flint Academy in Arlington, Texas.}

Dr. Paula Flint has worked in the field of education for 40 years. Her formal education includes a B.A. in elementary education and English from the University of Northern Colorado, a M.Ed. in special education (emotional/behavioral disorders and learning disabilities) from Rhode Island College, and a Ph.D. in special education (emotional/behavioral disorders and counseling) from the University of North Texas.

Additionally, Dr. Flint trained in the Great Books discussion method, classical/Christian education and administration, Waldorf school techniques, Charlotte Mason educational training at the Ambleside Schools International. She trained in numerous special education techniques and interventions.

Her professional experience includes teaching in both private and public schools, at all elementary grade levels, junior and high school English, and at the university level training teachers. She has taught students in special education with emotional/behavioral disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities, and dyslexia. She has also worked in private practice as an educational diagnostician, dyslexia remediation specialist, and behavior specialist.

In 1981, Dr. Flint read the Susan Schaeffer McCauley book, “For the Children’s Sake” and was inspired to, one day, open a classical, Christian school utilizing the Charlotte Mason educational approach,
but she vowed to also include students with learning challenges.

After earning her doctorate and teaching for 3 years at the University of North Texas in their special education department, Dr. Flint quit her job and opened The Flint Academy in Arlington, Texas in the fall of 2006. The school is a full inclusion school, educating students who are academically advanced, typical, and/or have special education needs inthe same classrooms. Now completing their 4th year, the school serves 96 students from preschool through 12th grade. This is the only school of its kind at present and, because of the high demand, there are plans to open a second school in the Flower Mound, Colleyville area of Texas in the fall of 2011.

In addition to running her school, Dr. Flint promotes full inclusion by providing training, at other private schools, for teachers who would like to learn how to successfully include students with disabilities in their general education classrooms. Her Circe conference seminar this summer will consider that topic.

** Visit the Flint Academy here.

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