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Political Nightmare

Massa’s resignation makes one point very obvious to me: our government has too many layers, too much hypocrisy, and too great a distance from reality. It is a system that cannot self-correct.

Massa , a democrat, said: “The government is broken beyond repair. It is… consuming itself.”

Some people are arguing, apparently including Massa, that he is a victim of “Chicago style politics” brought to Washington by Barack Obama and his staff. Maybe. I can’t be sure, though I fear that.

What is not arguable, however, in my opinion, is that the dissolution of our political process is inevitable and has been since the days of Woodrow Wilson and even Theodore Roosevelt. When we look at politics we need to learn to think in centuries, because that is where the principles manifest themselves and it is when our ancestors and fathers, children and descendents have lived will live.

When the language of the constitution became subject to the rulers, our constitution was weakened beyond saving. As the government has expanded to the point where, as I read last week, something like 50% of the people in this country are directly dependent on the state for their employment, it is no longer possible for this country to return to its roots.

A dysfunctional government will grow larger and larger, controlling ever expanding amounts of our national life, and becoming ever more dysfunctional. The slave mind will only ask for more centralized power until our whole country is run like our public schools.

And then all the separate czars that execute the will of our president now will be combined in one great, controlling czar.

It may take another two centuries, but if we don’t see a radical restoration of words with meaning in our whole society the rise of a tyrant is as inevitable as it was in first century Rome.

Perhaps my genes carry too much of the memory of Hitler’s rise in Germany. Nevertheless, the only reason not to fear (I do not say “expect”) this development is because it is so frightening.

Work for freedom. Demand of yourself that you say what you mean. Demand it of others. Demand it, especially, of politicians.

And since our government cannot be repaired, and since that means it will become a vacuum in our bank accounts, and since that means our health will decline, define it and shrink it. Radically.

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