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Michigan Our Future?

I wish I knew economics better, because this article gives me the creeps. It’s from NRO, so if you don’t like them you can dismiss the basic argument without considering the implications.

But Karl, this is where I need your input. (Fielding, not Marx!).

Is it true that the governor of MI is driving business into the ground by submitting it to her office? Is it true that President Obama is setting up the same pattern in the Washington he constantly berates?

What should small businesss expect?

This is not a political blog, though politics is obviously affected by and also affects education rather profoundly. But I am very concerned about this issue on four levels:

  1. The rhetoric of the arguments being presented
  2. How these changes have affected and will affect American education, both directly and indirectly.
  3. How American education has affected these changes.
  4. How CiRCE should plan based on these changes.

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