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Laughing at Conservatism

Here are the issues that conservatives get mocked for:

  1. Questioning the dogmatic authority of Darwinism and neo-Darwinism
  2. Questioning global warming
  3. Questioning the safety of undefined government, and therefore feeling threatened by what they perceive to be unconstitutional activities by our government, especially the federal one.
  4. Teaching their own children at home or in non-state schools
  5. Questioning the validity of the right to abort a baby
  6. Questioning the benefits of extensive taxes and suggesting that people would do better if they were taxed less and able to produce more
  7. Questioning the value of an education provided by and controlled by state funded institutions that root their doctrines in untenable beliefs like Naturalism and Pragmatism, especially when many or even most of those in power were educated in what the conservative perceives to be a radical and even cynical setting
  8. Questioning the social impact of removing the need to be responsible from the average citizen
  9. Questioning the value of any policy that weakens family structures
  10. Believing that the courts have been complicit in remaking our country in ways that the people did not want or vote for or approve of

I think most Americans want to lean conservative on most of these issues, but the issues need to be carefully explained (“framed” is what the ever Pragmatic media like to call it, though, trusting in the power of truth I think explaining would do even more good than framing).

Parameters need to be identified on each issue as well. I’m a big believer in compromise if it is part of a strategy to move in a given direction.

To me, the most crucial and the coordinating issue in that list is the need for defined government.

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