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The View From Concord

I returned from a marvelous 6 day tour of FL with Andrew Pudewa to learn that the devestating impact of the American school on the American mind has not yet overcome the reality of every day life to completely lobotomize the American voter.

It’s a comforting thought. American Academics are so irrelevent to Americans that when it comes time to make decisions outside the academic environment, Americans are able to compartmentalize everything they learned at school and put it in the circular file where it belongs.

I hope it is even more true. When kids say, “that’s true for you,” I know they’ve been in school too long. But they do get out eventually. And most of them get jobs, though a woefully small number are able to think clearly enough and freely enough to run their own businesses or work with friends or associates they trust in small businesses that keep them close to the nature of things – in environments where they aren’t constantly appealing to the state to make things easier for them.

It seems to me that by the grace of God we have one more chance as a nation. If we continue to turn away from the God of nature and of nature’s law, the one that our fathers appealed to when they tried to justify their independence, if we continue to turn from that God to the state to save our lives and “change the world,” and if, particularly, the Republican party does not use the next two to six years to aggressively shrink our government, we will never have another opportunity to be free.

I say Republican, but the blue-dog Democrats are every bit as important in this task.

The Democrat party sold out to the Progressives ages ago. They have played the role of Uncle Tom and Demagogue ever since. So I have no hope they will ever shrink a government bureaucracy or reduce a tax or shorten the tax code.

I have only marginal hope the Republicans will.

But if we are not free, politically speaking, nothing else matters.

At least, that’s how things appear to me.

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