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Maybe I can’t resist or maybe I’m trying to make a point. Three years from now, Sarah Palin might conceivably run for president. Already today, the media are doing everything in their power to “frame the argument” as epistemological relativists are forced to do.

Some of their reflections are insightful, most are incredibly one-sided and reactive, if not reactionary (since they are now the status quo).

My favorite recently was this brilliant statement from Tina Brown on MSNBC that perfectly illustrates the Progressive Media’s tendency to project:

“Her confidence is based on total ignorance.”

If she hadn’t said it with such a smug, preceded by a contemptuous, expression, it might not have compelled me to post on it. But there it is.

Tina, speaking words without meaning or else rooted in ignorance of the facts doesn’t help.

I want to make an intelligent decision when I vote in 2010 and 2012. It’s getting harder and harder to do so. For that, the media, who take on themselves the duty of forming public opinion, are entirely to blame.

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