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Kitsch and Destruction

Kevin Jennings and Glsen (glisten): sounds like a super tacky 70’s pop band. Oh wait…

In this post, Rod Dreher shows us more than we want to know, but need to – as adults, about President Obama’s Safeschool Czar.

This appointment by President Obama brings into question (some would say it expresses all that needs to be said) about his political judgment and his competence to hold office.

It also reminds us how things are done in the America of the 21st century (beginning, of course, with the radicalization of the 60’s – and yes, I do believe this is intimately related to the music children listen to).

More and more I begin to think that President Obama is either a serious warning or God’s judgment on this country. Perhaps we can argue Him down to ten righteous among us.

If a person is entirely politicized and gay, I can see why he would defend this appointment. But even then, it’s not an effective one. I hope.

But if a person has any respect at all for other points of view, he would have to acknowledge that by making this appointment President Obama shows a contempt for the common Joe and his wife and daughter – and his role as father – that disqualifies him from leadership over such people.

If you think I’m overreacting, read the post and see if you still agree.

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