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My friend Sorcamford has posted an extended parable about the way conventional education works that I want to encourage you to read. His blog is called New Dark Ages Culture and the parable is about what happens when you study a horse using the conventional perspective.

As the generations went by, the students grew and began to teach about the horse themselves, and, as might be expected, they mostly discussed the aspect of the animal that their individual teachers had studied the most. So there came to be schools of thought about the horse. The “students of the nose,” as they were called, came to believe that their part of the animal was the most important, as did the “hoof scholars” and the “mane institute” – and they passed their best information on to the next generations of students as best they could, writing in the “New Albany Journal of Horses,” all about their individual studies, and about how each thought his study really got to the most fascinating and essential parts of the horse.

To read more, go to New Dark Ages Culture.

Also, Ordo Amoris seems to share my concerns about the future of the home school mom and home schooling generally. She says:

I have a premise that the last vestige of a leisured (educated) class is the mom at home. I am pretty sure I am right about that since all the powers of hell conspire to get mom out of the home. The home is the quiet refuge where ideas blossom.

This intrigues me, because if she’s right it might be a corollary truth that an education oriented toward skills or information undercuts one of the social supports of motherhood.

Of course, a home is only a quiet refuge if you make it one.

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