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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

I’m leaving tomorrow for a trip to CA during which I will be creating videotapes of The Lost Tools of Writing. That’s the idea. Now the application: I’m very busy and shouldn’t be blogging right now.

But sometimes my emotions get the better of me, so I have to tell you all something – both negative and positive.

I’ve always tried to back my computer up, and it’s a good thing because my latest version has been dying lately.

Knowing it was on its way to its fate, I wanted to get a new one, but we haven’t had the resources at CiRCE to get one.

Well, yesterday one of our supporters made a contribution that enabled me to get a new a brand new computer!

Last night I went out to buy it, having lost the day to fighting with computer issues when I wanted to be finalizing my plans for Saturday’s video session.

I came home from the store last night and turned on my old computer so I could get the information I needed for E-mail and that sort of thing.

It was as dead as Marley.

Talk about timing.

It’s horribly inconvenient, of course, but I cannot imagine how much more inconvenient it would have been if the computer had died before I had the new one.

So I want to use this post to thank the donor who stepped forward and all the others who have been contributing during our fund-raising drive.

I mentioned we were seeking $50,000.

You have already contributed an astonishing $7000 of that $50,000.

Dozens of you have already downloaded the recordings of talks from Ken Myers, Laura Berquist, Andrew Pudewa, Vigen Guroian and others.

With the support we’ve received, a 2010 conference on Liberty looks promising, a third edition of Classical Education is hopeful, many refinements to LTW become possible, and I can continue to provide support to classical educators at every level of their involvement.

If you have already contributed and downloaded the talks: THANK YOU.

If you would like to do so, please follow this link or, better yet, click on the banner to the left (which lists the speakers and their sessions) and feed your soul while supporting Christian classical education through the CiRCE Institute!

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