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10 Thanks I’m thingful For

10. That last drink

9. Books that empower my faculties of perception to see the truth

8. Friends like the apprentices and the graduates of the apprenticeship, the CiRCE board, and organizations and schools that work with CiRCE, which is where my purpose in Christ is realized.

7. People who have supported the CiRCE Institute through prayer, purchases, prayer, donations, prayer, and encouragement. We’ve received $7500 in donations and another $2000 in pledges already for our year-end fund-raising drive. Another 15,000 and we’ll be able to have our 2010 conference.

6. The work done by my son David, his wife Bethany, my daughter Larissa, and my son Andrew to help bring us through this difficult time during which we’ve moved our office home and laid off staff – sacrifices for the present that enable a bright future.

5. A national tradition of pausing for a day to give thanks to the creator who by His Providence established and built this country and loves it with all its virtues and vices.

4. My children

8. My new daughter in law

2. My wife, who for 25 years has endured without complaint a mission driven husband who can’t keep track of which side of his shoes the laces attach to and has a melancholy disposition, endless financial stress, houses too small for five children, moving across state and national borders, and an endless cache of petty and large offenses and failures by that aforementioned, no-good, low-down husband of hers.

1. Participation in Christ, into whose patience may the Lord direct my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

By the way, #10 was just a light-hearted jest. Thanks for understanding.

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