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The End of a Life Worth Living

Since the highest priority of virtually all Quiddity readers is the state of the Green Bay Packers, as it is for almost all Americans, it seems I am obligated to express my thoughts about their fortunes this weekend.

So far as I know, I am the only person lucky enough to have correctly predicted the outcomes of their first three games. Therefore, they are in trouble.

Because I expect them to be soundly thumped by the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night.

They will be unable to stop the Vikings pass rush, giving up as many as six sacks on Aaron Rogers (more likely three, but the point is that it will be ugly). They will be unable to stop Adrian Peterson and the Vikings rushing game, especially in the second half, giving up somewhere around 200 rushing yards.

Their defense will be utterly exhausted. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out of the game demoralized, except that they seem to keep a level head from week to week.

The Packers have one basic problem that will cost them their entire season unless some lights go on that I don’t even think are in the room: they can’t block. Bring their offensive line into the 2009 season and I could see them overcoming their below average starting running back because of their talent at quarterback, receivers, and defensive line and secondary, and because of their depth at linebacker, where the talent is adequate.

But no team can win in the NFL if they can’t block. As a result, their defense will wear down and be unable to get off the field in the second half.

Vikings 37
Packers 17

That one guy everybody keeps talking about probably won’t matter very much in this game.

Having said all that, they could win if they win the turnover battle by a wide margin (say, four to one). I don’t see it happening, because AP can run all day on the Packers. If they stop him, it’ll be a close game.

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