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Where Enlightenment has brought us

Thought by its nature seeks or perhaps is the quest for resolution. Resolution is harmony.

The modern man is in despair of thought because it has led him to the irresolvable condition of naturalism.

Thus modern man does not train thought because it hurts too much except in some limited way because he sees the use for it. But to train thiking for its own sake, or for the sake of seeking truth, finds little room.

The quest for resolution on modern premises always fails because it excludes what its geiger counter cannot detect. Thus true knowledge is impossible and we are left with the quest for power, which is what Bacon had equated knowledge with earlier, as the end of thought.

It seems safe to say that we generally and almost universally prefer feelings and blindness to the pain of thought.

We are Oedipus with a wholly different complex.

Happily very few people are consistent with their principles.

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