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Let me give my life to you

I think this might be my favorite pop song. I’ve seen, heard, tasted, smelled, and touched so many beautiful things in my short life, but nothing compares with your soul, Karen. I love you. You have filled up my senses for, in nine days, 25 years.

Do you remember the night’s we’ve spent in forests (Yellowstone, Gatlinburg, Door County, Inverness, Albermarle) or the mountains we’ve seen in spring time (Appalachians, Rockies, Blue Ridge), or the sleepy blue ocean when we were in New Jersey in 1983 (it was actually rather green and we walked to the wrong beach).

Do you remember picnicking beside the Forks of the Credit, at Niagrara on the Lake, beside the Yellowstone River when the kids were dispersed among family, in northern Wisconsin with your parents, at that park in South Carolina.

I do.

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