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The Purpose of Literature

Literature is the means by which a community or society embodies its deepest commitments. That is why so many literary “bits” are needed. It is also why literature does not exist autonomously. It depends entirely on the spirit of its culture.

Thus David Hicks: “Literature is only as important as the culture it sustains.”

We have the opportunity to feed on a literary heritage that draws the best out of 3000 years of human history. Instead, we have chosen to follow the narrow claims of the rationalists and the empiricists, and let them run our schools. In spite of that, we have a fervent literary energy in our country. Only it lacks a logos.

In my wistful moments, I find myself wishing people could realize the seriousness of our situation. In my more resolute moments, I recommit myself to the work of the CiRCE Institute – especially the apprenticeship.

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