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How to teach children to listen

Notes gathered during the apprenticeship call on 4/17:

  1. Make them do it
  2. Ask them to respond to what others say by asking questions that demand interpretation
    1. e.g. How do you understand [a word the other said]?
    2. What would you have done?
    3. Did he do the right thing?
    4. How would you compare that with this?
    5. etc.
  3. Teach them “common” etiquette, like don’t interrupt others
  4. Make them aware that others are talking
  5. Talk privately with over-talkers, telling them how much you value their input and asking them to keep it valuable while respecting others
  6. Be direct and don’t molly-coddle
  7. Have formal discussions and mini-debates that demand that students listen to and respond to what others are saying
  8. Determine why they aren’t listening and try to help
    1. hard of hearing
    2. depressed
    3. uninterested
    4. insecure
    5. absent-minded
    6. already have all the answers
    7. lack self-control
  9. Listen to and respond to music

Thanks to the apprentices again for all they teach me!

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