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The symphony of learning

We are not here studying the philosophy, we see it, as part of the ordered world. The aim of the poet is to state a vision, and no vision of life can be complete which does not include the articulate formulation of life which human minds make.

So TS Eliot on Dante

This is why I believe teachers must all be poetic and literary, even in kindergarten and even in science class. Nobody was more versed in the sciences of his day than Dante.

And this is why I believe the basic study of a head of school should be, not administration, but literature.

The teacher is an artist, giving form to an “ordered world.” They can’t pick and choose what to include and how to include it based on personal preference. That’s tyranny. They need to come to prefer what is most fitting.

The head of school is the conductor who must show each teacher where her role fits into the ordered world while overseeing her performance. His goal is to enable her to master her instruments so together the school can make something beautiful.

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