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By Design, Not by Accident (Part Two)

In the last post I discussed that idea that the decisions made by leaders and teachers in homes and schools should be purposeful ones. The idea is to have a framework in mind that provides a hierarchy of principles to prioritize certain ideas and decisions over others. Only then can we order our thoughts within the sphere of influence (homes for homeschoolers, schools for some, etc.) that we educate.

The first step is to make sure that you are clear on your vision and mission statements – your purpose statements. Even in homeschools, it is important to ultimately answer the question: “why am I doing what I am doing?” After you answer this question, evaluate your statement(s).

See, most visions are too vague. I call them “sentiments” instead of visions. Educating “to glorify God” is definitely a noble cause; however, it will need to be unpacked in order to inform your day-to-day decisions. The next questions should be: What does it look like? How am I going to do this? What does that end product look like? If I am successful beyond my dreams, what will happen?

Spending time in contemplation over these questions will provide much confident and purpose in pursuing what God has called you to pursue through your calling.

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