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Bobby Jindal

Not a great speaker, but the boat story hits home. No matter how great a leader President Obama is, he can’t get us anywhere if impersonal bureaucrats are the ones making our decisions.

Bobby is taking a position. I don’t think this speech will move many people tonight. But in three or four years it will be a standard he can return to. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but if the Republicans don’t get creative they could be swamped again by the Obamomentum.

If they don’t get creative on health care, we’re doomed. If they don’t privatize education and open up the schools, it’s already too late.

Mainly, Jindal is oversimplifying the government vs. the people argument. We’re in trouble now because of our government, of course. But we’re also in trouble because of private decision makers who had too much influence. The trouble is not only government; it’s rampant bureaucracy in both the public and the private sector. It’s the depersonalized impact of our worship of numbers and giantism.

It reminds me of Burke’s words on the French Revolution.

The age of chivalry has passed. The age of sophists, oeconomists, and accountants has come.


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