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Nature and Civilization: A Darwinian View

Edward East (quoted by John West in Darwin Day in America, ISI Books, page 129)

Nature eliminates the unfit and preserves the fit… Her fool-killing devices were highly efficient in the olden days before civilisation came to thwart her. It is man, not Nature, who has caused all the trouble. He has put his whole soul to saving the unfit, and has timidly failed to do the other half of his duty by preventing them from perpetuating their traits.

East wrote during the heydey of the Eugenics movement of the 20’s and 30’s, but make no mistake: As long as we live under the authority of the Darwinian paradigm, this notion, first expressed by Darwin in The Descent of Man, will remain an undercurrent of social thinking. When it rises to the surface, nobody is safe.

If the impact of Darwinism on our society raises concerns for you, check out this book by ISI by clicking HERE. To learn more about the book, click HERE.

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