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End of Apprenticeship report

Two very full days of work have just ended, so I was unable to fulfill my dream of more or less regular updates. I’ll have more to add, but we’re about to go out for one last meal and I want to at least touch in with you.

The journeymen spent hours developing ideas about teaching students to apply the three canons to narration. When it’s done you’ll see tools for teaching story telling like you’ve never seen before (along with some common tools that are quite useful as well). Specific notes to follow.

The apprentices spent Friday practice teaching and reviewing each other’s presentations. Then today they applied lessons learned to develop samples of the various essays, which I hope you’ll be able to access to better understand the elements of the program.

We also set up an agenda for future LTW workshops. They’ll do a better job introducing the overall program instead of dwelling so closely on the early lessons. On February 28 I’ll roll out the new agenda here in Houston, so if you are nearby come on out.

They’re impatiently dragging me out of here, so I need to go.

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