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Apprenticeship retreat launch

I’m in Houston for the winter apprenticeship retreat so I’m going to try to post an entry or two during the day to let you know what’s happening. I’ll say this to embitter you yangki’s: it’s about 70 degrees outside. Having grown up in Wisconsin, I can hardly absorb a January day in the 70’s.

Also, I have to report on a church I saw driving to my present abode (the Wrobleske’s). This church was just off the highway and it had a marvelous sign out front announcing its presence. But the building itself didn’t even measure up to the common warehouse architecture of the typical American church. What are they trying to say about themselves? More importantly, what are they saying about their God?

One topic of discussion I hope to pursue over the next couple days is Latin in the grammar school. Leah Lutz, a leader among the journeymen, wrote an essay for this retreat about the way we teach Latin and she included some very provocative reflections. I am eager to hear more of what she has to say. Hopefully, I can seek in a post or two here.

The apprenticeship meetings go Thursday to Saturday, so keep your banana peeled and your alerts alert.

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