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Paideia Prize Winner Announcement

You are the first to know that Dr. Peter Sampo, founder of Thomas More College in New Hampshire, has agreed to accept the Paideia Prize at this summer’s CiRCE conference. I’m anxious to learn more about Dr. Sampo and his work, but I can tell you already that he laboured for years in an extremely difficult vineyard to bring St. Thomas More College to life and fruition. He retired from the Presidency about two years ago and Dr. Jeffrey Nelson, formerly of ISI, is now carrying on the work.

Dr. Louise Cowan has described the curriculum at Thomas More as one of the best in our country. I agree. College provides four years to the guardian’s of our culture to raise the vision of the young to something worth aspiring to. The unspeakable waste that is the American college in general underscores the value of St. Thomas More College to those few who are willing to leave the dark cave and gaze on the splendour of the work of God in the human soul and in the cosmos.

Look for more big conference news over the next few weeks. We’ll have details about Dr. Sampo, the program, some very exciting speaker news, and more. I’ll blog about things as they develop here and we’ll post the formal announcements on the web site ( and in the CiRCE Papers (our free E-letter – sign up here if you don’t already receive it).

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