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Buckley and rhetoric

I was pleased to learn that the recently deceased William Buckley was home-schooled. You can read a few paragraphs about it in this article, which included this paragraph:

As a home-schooled student, Buckley, my guess is, had lots of practice answering and asking questions. That is the hallmark of good tutoring. Most teachers acknowledge that good tutors can take a student farther, faster and provide a greater depth of knowledge than can the traditional classroom.

I may as well admit that I also included this paragraph because it makes a rhetorical mistake that no high school student will be allowed to make after the first lesson on schemes in the Lost Tools of Writing. Can you tell what it is? How would you fix it?

{With apologies to the author, a veteran of many years in education. We all make mistakes like this if they aren’t drilled out of us, so I mean no disrespect to the author.}

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