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Science and religion

I hold to the humble view that the natural sciences are in trouble and that they will build a very high tower over the next 100 or so years before they discover that it has no foundation. The following quotations offer clues as to why I believe this.

A.N. Whitehead, co-author with Bertrand Russell of Principia Mathematica says:

There is but one source for science: It must come from the Medieval insistence on the rationality of God.

St Augustine:

Heaven forbid that God should hate in us that by which he made us superior to the animals! Heaven forbid that we should believe in such a way as not to accept or seek reasons, since we could not even believe if we did not possess rational souls

I pulled these quotations out of a sermon by a British preacher (a priest, I believe), in which he discusses the relationship of religion and science and the lies some PR men for the sciences (Voltaire, Dawkins, etc.) tell about that relationship. Read it here

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