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LTW on Sale: One Week Only!

I’d better mention that the Lost Tools of Writing has been placed on a Back To School sale price. If you buy all the parts separately, it is only $147 for teacher guide, module guides, CD’s, and student workbook. If you buy them all together we lower the price to only $127.

But for THIS WEEK ONLY, you can purchase the entire set for only $97.00.

The Lost Tools of Writing developed when, years ago, I needed a classical writing curriculum and there was nothing out there. I turned to Aristotle and Cicero and the Ad Herennium and began to develop it myself. Now, 15 years later and with the help of a team of apprentices, not to mention the hundreds of students I and the apprentices have taught, we have produced the most important Chrisitan classical curricular development since Martin Cothran’s Traditional Logic.

Through the Lost Tools of Writing students will recover the skills and concepts that have been lost in so many school courses. They’ll gain the tools to solve the three basic problems of writing: coming up with something to say, ordering what you come up with, and expressing what you’ve come up with appropriately.

Frankly, there is no other program like this on the market, because this grew from the direct interaction of experience teaching living, modern-day students to think and write at a high level on the one hand and the classical theory of writing, which is rooted entirely in the way humans learn and the actual day to day experience of living people communicating with each other.

They’ll learn how to write profound essays, how to develop a topic, how to make decisions, how to listen, how to think, how to read – in short, they’ll be given the key to a deep and profound educational experience.

You can purchase it now and save big by clicking here: The Lost Tools of Writing.

Or you can learn more by clicking here: LTW Demo.

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