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How to Maintain Peace in a Relationship

The central principle of classroom or home discipline must be seen to be the relationship between teacher/parent and child and the central principle of this relationship must be seen to be respect. We live for honor and we will do nearly anything for a smile. So smile.

Charlotte Mason again: “A child cannot bear estrangement, disapproval; he must needs live in the light of a countenance smiling upon him.” Formation of Character, p. 14.

I would recommend putting this quotation to your faculty (or spouse) at the next meeting and discussing implications in teaching, child-rearing, classroom management, performance assessment, teen relationships, even marriage. I don’t believe it applies only to children. We must all live in the light of a countenance smiling upon us. May we choose that countenance wisely. I am convinced that in this statement lies the secret of all child-rearing.

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