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What is a Beautiful Woman For?


Heidi White


Presented at the CiRCE National Conference 2023.

A woman’s beauty is powerful; perhaps it is the most potent created beauty, and is therefore both wonderful and dangerous. Most Christian women have been told their whole lives what not to do with their beauty, but few have any compelling vision of why it exists and what to do with it. So what is a woman’s beauty for? How ought men to respond to it? And how do women wield the power of their beauty for good? In this talk, Heidi White offers a compelling vision for the purpose and practice of womanly beauty. Drawing from classical and Christian traditions, Heidi addresses the created purpose of a woman’s beauty, its fallen distortions, and its potential for transforming the cosmos. This talk is for anybody who has ever wondered how to understand and respond to the mysterious power of feminine beauty in themselves or the women in their lives.