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Two Literary Worlds


Dr. Matthew Bianco


Presented at the CiRCE National Conference 2022.

The literature produced by the ancient, medieval, and modern worlds differ significantly. The really make up and describe very different worlds. The distinction between the ancient and medieval worlds, while important, is more of a superficial distinction than that between the ancient and modern or the medieval and modern. The literature of the ancient and medievals contemplated permanent, divine, and ideal images that were described in fables, myths, fairy tales, and stories. The literature of the moderns contemplates temporal, mortal, earthly things that are described in stories and novels. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these two literary worlds? What can we learn from each and how might they distract us from fulfilling our humanity and our chief end? In this talk, Dr. Matthew Bianco will consider these two literary worlds and set forth to answer these questions to help us strive to be better readers, both in our literary choices and in our approach to the literature we read.