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The Judgment of Wisdom: God’s View of Right Order


Laura Berquist


In the book Parochial and Plain Sermons  Newman says that we need to learn to love heavenly things here in such a way that after death we will be ready to take up our new life in heaven. One way we prepare for that new life is to cultivate a love of the things God loves.  We want to become like Him, conformed to Him, and thus prepared for heaven.  We want to see as He sees, that is, we want to become wise. Friendship is one way to achieve conformity. As Aristotle said, friendship requires some kind of common life.  Prayer is a powerful way of living a common life with God.  So prayer is a way to develop friendship with God, and to become like Him, to see as He sees. To do this we need to know  how to pray well. The disciples knew that, and they asked Jesus to  “teach us how to pray.” Jesus responded with the Our Father.  St. Thomas explains in his commentary that Jesus taught us what the principles of prayer are by concretizing those principles in this specific prayer, and that by following the order of the Our Father, we will begin to see the right order in reality. Then we will see what is important as God sees it, and  we become ready to take up our new life in wisdom, with Wisdom Himself.