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The Great Good Books – Webinar Recording


Josh Mayo


The Good Books - Webinar Recording
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In this webinar discussion, Josh Mayo will discuss the importance of what educator John Senior called the “Good Books”: the stories and poetry which imaginatively prepare students to receive the great ideas of the classics. A single question guides our conversation: “How do we replenish the cultural soil?” In an age deprived of fables, myths, legends, and adventure stories, it’s a mistake for students to dive straightway into the depths of Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas. Before Shakespeare’s tragedies, they need Treasure Island. And before they meet Rosseau, they need to know “Ratty” (The Wind and the Willows). Students should walk the way of the “Good Books,” which we value not only for their charming story-worlds, but also for their propaedeutic value as stepping-stones to the Tradition.

This webinar will be a mixture of lecture and conversation about orienting ideas and practical pedagogy. Along the way, we will discuss relevant concepts like leisure, poetic knowledge, and the distinction between ratio and intellectus.

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