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The Divine Spark: Teaching to the Imago Dei in Your Students


Heidi White


Presented at the CiRCE Regional Conference 2021.

It is no secret that the public square is riddled with division and distortion. More and more parents and educators are actively turning from the zeitgeist to pursue models of education that combat the darkness of this cultural moment. But what if combat is not the purpose of education? In this talk, Heidi White casts a vision for classical education that is profoundly counter to prevailing political and social divides, turning rather to Scripture and tradition as foundations of formation. If, as Scripture claims, “the goal of our instruction is love,” how do we teach our students to love what is worth loving? Rather than teaching to soothe our own fears and resistance, we teach to nourish our students’ inherent glory as Image Bearers. Drawing from Christian and classical sources, this talk provides vision and practices to nourish the image of God in our students so that they will become what they behold.