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The Art of the Memory Palace

Friday, June 2, 2023
Friday, June 2, 2023
Katerina Hamilton

This webinar is brought to you by Joshua Gibbs’ Something They Will Not Forget: A Handbook for Classical Teachers .

The modern school has largely reduced memory to repetition or the ability to repeat what the teacher has stated. However, those who relied on memory most, scholars before the invention of the printing press, didn’t consider this true memory at all. They had a grander notion of memory.

Medieval scholars developed complex methods of memorizing in a desire to become more like the good, true, and beautiful things they memorized. As a result, rather than only hiding things in their hearts, they produced a wide array of artifacts, like hymns, poetry, icons, books of hours, plays, bestiaries, and more. Each thing they memorized—they believed—needed to be easily accessible in flexible manner, so they could use it to create new things. The hoped, ultimately, this would transform even their own souls.

Luckily, many of their memory techniques are available to us today, the most famous of which being the memory palace. Designed for its ease of use and flexibility, the memory palace enables one not only to recite but also to meditate and ultimately create new things from the treasures stored in the memory.

In this webinar, join Katerina Kern as we learn how to build and use memory palaces and consider how this might invite our students, families, and classrooms into restoration.


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