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Reading for the Long Run
  • Publish Date
    : 2023-10-15


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Available on September 22, 2023


Part memoir, part interview, and part research-based support, this book offers guidance for the teacher of a struggling reader. Looking closely through a classical lens at both how to teach reading and why, Sara Osborne offers support and inspiration for every teacher who feels alone or overwhelmed when their student doesn’t seem to be able to learn to read.

Sara begins by casting a vision and reminding the reader why the work of teaching reading is worth the effort. She then invites the reader on a journey toward the reading life while offering insight into her own hard-won race. Using the metaphor of running, she unpacks the various aspects of teaching reading: knowing the purpose, envisioning success, preparing the route, selecting your tools, responding to set-backs, and celebrating victories.

She also includes interviews from experts and questionnaires to help the reader understand their own struggles better. In Reading for the Long Run the reader finds practical advice, inspiration, guidance, and encouragement when they might feel tempted to give up the race.

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