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Once Upon a Time


Jaime Showmaker


In this talk, from the CiRCE Monthly Lecture Series held locally in Concord, NC, Jaime Showmaker makes a case for the kinds of stories our students and children are in most desperate need of. Before they can read and love Homer or Dante or Shakespeare, we need to re-enchant their world with children’s stories.

“Once Upon A Time…”

For most people, those words conjure images of castles and fairies, dragons and adventure. We all remember feeling sentimental when the prince awakens the princess with a kiss, and everyone lives happily ever after.

But what do children’s stories have to do with the cultivation of wisdom and virtue? And where, exactly, does children’s literature fit within a Christian classical education?

Jaime Showmaker shares with us why before reading Homer, one should read Heidi. Before knowing Latin, one should first know Lucy and her magnificent journey into the wardrobe.