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Legends of the Round Table
  • softcover
    , 353pages
  • Publish Date
    : 2023-07-15


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A carefully curated collection of Arthurian legends, this book presents much-beloved stories of King Arthur chosen for their celebration of chivalry, honor, nobility, and beauty. In addition to the tales, you will find discussion questions for further contemplation, making reading alone more thought-provoking and reading aloud more enjoyable.

With seven separate tales from the early years of Arthur’s court and questions both within the stories and after, teachers, parents, and children will have all they need to enter more deeply into King Arthur’s court.


The legends herein: 

  • When Arthur pulled the sword from the stone
  • The winning of Excalibur
  • The story of the brothers Balin and Balan
  • The tale of the treachery of Morgan Le Fay
  • The tale of Sir Launcelot and his honor
  • When Sir Gareth wanted to become a knight
  • The love story of Sir Tristram and Lady Isoulte

“My family (ages 4-14) has been enjoying this during our morning time this year. The stories are enchanting, but the questions interspersed throughout help to lead us into discussions that range from ideas of leadership to identification of themes to comparison with LTW! The younger ones are great at narrating the story back and we are growing in our classical learning skills!” -Erica


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