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Blood and Morality – Boys Adventure Fiction and the Formation of Masculinity


Martin Cothran


What early-twentieth century writer made a bet with a friend that he could write a book more famous than Treasure Island (and won)? Which modern science fiction writer couldn’t even drive a car? Who were the greatest influences on J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings? Martin Cothran tells these stories and many others about the writers who produced many of the classic books for boys, books that invoked a vision of masculinity that at once taught young male readers how to deal with the challenges of life and what moral code they should live by. In the process, you will learn why these stories speak to boys in a way that other books do not—and why that is better than the misguided notion that we should feminize them. He will also give a list of great boys literature which will not only help your student make sense of his own actions, but will help you to understand him.