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Awakening the Muses: Teaching Greek For Fluency


Monique Neal


Presented at the A Contemplation of Glory Conference 2021.

Incorporating an interactive lesson, this session will approach the teaching of ancient Greek from the goal of learning for spoken and written fluency. Drawing from both ancient and modern didactics preserved by Accademia Vivarium Novum, the session will present easy and fun methods of incorporating Greek into classrooms of all ages. The approach is itself historically Greek. Time and again, the Greeks embraced theancient forms of their language; the language of their predecessors was not only entrusted to scholars, but was revived in common parlance. What value did the Greeks see in the speaking of their ancient language? Why was it important that this language be shared in living community? In this session, we will keep these questions in mind as we hear, speak, and sing poetry written 2500 years ago.