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2018 Kindred Conference Audio Collection (Disc)


Multiple Authors


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Event Topics

This audio collection includes the talks given at both 2018 Kindred Conferences (East and West.)


• GLORY AND HOME (Colorado Springs)


Cindy Rollins, Angelina Stanford, Heidi White, Christine Perrin 


Cindy Rollins – Five Things I Did Wrong in My Homeschool

Cindy Rollins – Five Things I Did Right in My Homeschool

Angelina Stanford – The Hidden Hope in Every Story: From The Odyssey to The Office

Angelina Stanford – The Glory of Wonder: Cultivating an Enchanted Home

Christine Perrin – Status Viatoris: What is Hope?

Heidi White: Seeking a Homeland: On The Christian Unity of Glory and Home 

Cindy Rollins – How We Tear Down Our Own Houses

Cindy Rollins – Where Glory Dwells in The Home